wall mounting cabinets are designed for network
distribution, where a fast efficient installation is required,
providing a cost-effective solution
Whilst the product provides maximum performance on cabling
and networking installations, the unique design provides an
economic solution compared to its quality which is based on
high technology, fully automated production techniques .

The 19” cabinet supplied as W: 540 x D: 400 mm sizes, 4
different heights of 4U, 7U, 9U and 12U.


• With the EN 12150-1 standard antistatic, smoked tempered
safety glass 4,0 mm front glass door.
• Round quarter turn lock which is compatible with DIN 1743,
DIN 53571, RoHS.
• EN 60297- Mechanical constructions for electronical devices.
mechanical constructions (19 inch series) with standard
universal 482,6 mm profiles
• EN 60917- Modular layout for development of mechanical
constructions in electronic equipment applications.
• EN 61587-1 For electronic devices inner usage mechanic
construction cabinets, bottom shelves, cases, IEC 60917 and
IEC 60297 series tests, Chapter 1, environmental conditions,
test setup and security rules.
• Climatic and environment: EN 61587-1/4.2, IEC 60068-2-1,
IEC 60068-2-2, IEC 60068-2-30
• Static Mechanical Load Lifting: EN 61587-1/5.2.1
• Static Mechanical Load Stiffness: EN 61587-1/5.2.2
• Dynamic mechanical load vibration and shock, impact:
EN 61587-1/5.3.1, EN 61587-1/5.3.3, IEC 60068-2-6,
IEC 60068-2-27
• Grounding: EN 61587-1/6.2
• Fireproofing: EN 61587-1/6.3
• IP protection class (IP code): IP20, EN 61587-1/6.4
• The powder paint used is non-flammable and has a
flame-retardant resistant according to TS EN 13501-1 + A1

Framework- Top/Bottom Cases
Multi folded automated bending technology design
for framework and top/bottom cases, this provides a
heavy-duty structure which results in, a high load capacity of
30 kg’s.
Mono block top/bottom cases with the practical, specifically
designed click-fit screw set fixed to main framework. Top case
has a punched ventilation grill integration of fan housing. (fan
A fan module can be integrated or just single fan could be
assembled directly.
Cable entry available in top and bottom case
W: 145 mm x D: 70 mm sized PVC cabling insertions.
Removable PVC cable entry covering provide dust protection.
The full length smoked, shatterproof, antistatic, tempered,
4,0 mm thickness safety glass door with single point locking
barrel lock system integrated with “O” type locker.
Front door opening direction is set right to left, but reversible
to left to right at site with removing the hinge system. Hinge
System is channel type with screws.

Available/stocked colour of SET SOHO wall mounting cabinets
are in RAL 7035 Light Grey, option of Black RAL 9005 colour
paint if preferred, coordinate with sales department.